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Our Mission

  • To provide education to the students.
  • To unfold the inner potential of children.
  • To make the child creative and innovative.
  • To provide child-centric education.
  • To develop the personality of a child.
  • To popularize computer education and information technology.
  • To enable children to use English for communication with the outside world.
  • To provide equal opportunities to both the genders.
  • To bring about qualitative improvement in education so that the standards achieved are adequate.
  • To achieve excellence in academics.
  • To establish a healthy relationship between the various agencies of education i.e. the School, the Family and the Society.
  • To expand education facilities broadly on the basis of manpower needs.
  • To provide value-based education to build up character.
  • To provide education to help pupils acquire useful knowledge and culture.
  • To prepare individuals for the society.
  • To provide education in order to relate it to life, needs and aspirations of the country.
  • To organize student-exchange programs for more interaction between students.
  • To develop leadership qualities in students.

Our Ojectives

  • To impart practical and result oriented quality education for the overall development of the students
  • To produce the self-reliant educated manpower.
  • To enhance the creativity, logicality and the innovation.
  • To produce the competent and dynamic students to compete anywhere in the nation.
  • To widen the relationship of the institution with the valued guardians, parents and the students.
  • To involve the students in different ECA programmers which excavates the internal capacity of the pupils.


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Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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