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The definition of education has broadened in recent years. Now education is not merely transmission of knowledge. Rather, it is the development of thought and creativity in and individual, which helps in the realization of inherent individual potential.
We established Shambhavi School in 2000 A. D. as a humble venture aimed at providing good quality education to the students. Our energy is completely directed towards establishing a center of excellence imparting holistic education at affordable rates. We endeavoured to redefine private school education, so as to cater to the growing demands of society and help in social development.

Shambhavi School, located at the centre of Battisputali, runs with the service motto by academician, educationists and greater professionals in the field of education. This school not only aims to produce skilled manpower but also the right citizens required for the overall development of the family, society and the nation. So, this school is always committed to quality education.


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Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Phone No:977-1-4470618, 01-4485418


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